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Ursula Kemp - The Witch Who Wouldn't Stay Buried

A History Spanning Five Centuries

The documentary, produced and directed by JOHN WORLAND tells the story of England's most famous witch, URSULA KEMP. Her skeletal remains were believed to be first unearthed in St Osyth, Essex in 1921, becoming a ghoulish tourist attraction until 1932 when they were once again buried before being exhumed in 1963.
'Ursula' was then sold to the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall for a stay of 33 years. 'Ursula' was then bought by eccentric artist and collector, ROBERT LENKIEWICZ, to be kept in his private collection becoming part of his estate when the artist died in 2002.

But were these the remains of Ursula Kemp, buried back in her village following her execution and if so what proof is there?

John Worland first discovered this incredible story when working on the film 'Witchfinder'. Having gathered information including trial papers and gaol calendars from the National Archives, John has pieced together evidence that sheds new light on the story. A forensic examination of the skeleton has also revealed fascinating secrets.

After so much indignity, it became John Worland's mission, to finally lay her remains to rest back in St Osyth.

This is her story - coming in January 2012

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John Worland